How feature films aid in teaching educational subjects to teenagers


“The best films of any kind, narrative or documentary, provoke questions.” Edward Norton. While this statement holds value, what can we gather from it and apply in our daily lives? Typically the feature film and TV series audience ages between 12-35. Since teenagers, mostly students fall in this category, it can be understood that they watch and learn not only language from this medium, but also learn big words, solutions to worldly problems, tackling emotions, etc.
Feature films play a vital role in shaping one’s thinking pattern and perspective towards surrounding items. The best part is how these films teach academic subjects to teenagers from different angles. Subjects such as Math, English, History, Science, Economics, etc.
Below are the listed ways of how a feature film aids in the learning process of an ordinary student.

A Fun filled Learning Process

Reading the conventional text books can become boring and monotonous. As far as movies are concerned, not only do you enjoy watching a whole 2 hour long story with amazing stereo sound but you also learn and retain important info. Movies such as ‘Second hand lions’ and ‘The bucket List’ teach humility and the importance of each passing moment of one’s life.

Visual Pleasure

Apart from the pleasure, the visual content makes it a valuable learning tool for all the students, whether in classrooms, home or the theatre. While the teenager listens to the language and the specific words of the genre, he also views visual details to support and match those words. This helps in retaining information for a long duration.

Diversity and Variety

Want to watch a movie about history? Go for ’12 years a slave’ or ‘Valkyrie’. You name the subject and there will be a movie to support it out there!
Feature films provide variety as well as multiple angles on the same subject while textbooks fail to do so.
Now that you know about the importance of how films play a great role in a teenager’s life, let’s hop on and take a look at some movies related to academic subjects.


Math is all about numbers, quantity, structure, change and values. While it maybe your friend’s favorite subject, on the other hand, it can be the reason for your low grades. If you want to excel at math, opt for Math tuition Singapore and allow the world renowned tutors to teach you what they know best. In case you are a movie junkie, check out ‘Pi’, ‘Infinity’ and ‘An invisible sign’.


Learning history was always tough for me as a kid as I dreaded learning the dates, the names, especially the spellings. However, I excelled my exam in 8th grade because I had watched ‘The ten commandments’.
Likewise, if you hate learning and memorizing dates and historic events, make a visual show reel in your head for a better learning process. Watch movies such as ‘Exodus-Gods and Kings’, ‘The Messenger’, ‘Saving private Ryan’, ‘Patton’, etc.

English Literature

Thy loveth English? If not so much and still have to triumph the examinations, why not make the most of movies? Simply get yourself a bucket full of butter popcorn and watch the movies related to your assigned books. If you are reading about the great whale which stormed the sea during the Great Renaissance, you will love watching ‘In the heart of the sea’.
If your teacher has assigned you with one of Shakespeare’s books,  ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ should be on your to-watch-list!


It is human nature not to believe in anything without inconclusive evidence with the exception of religion. It is science and science alone that provides us with the required facts and figures to conclusively decide upon any matter.
Many feature films have based their plots and linking sequences on hard science. A prime example of such a feature film from recent times would be the critically acclaimed ‘The Martian’, starring Matt Damon who uses his extensive scientific knowledge  base to survive on very harsh conditions of the planet Mars.
If you still feel feature films alone cannot help you learn a specific subject such as math, simply register yourself in math tuition Singapore and excel in all grades.

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