YouTube to Facebook thumbnail generator’s alternative


If your numbers of subscribers on YouTube has become stagnant or your view count is not increasing for your videos, then this article is for you! On social media, there is varied content uploaded by various artists from different corners of the world. Therefore, it can’t be assured if your video is reaching out to the right audiences. If you are not involved in the paid promotion, then probably your content is not visible to your target audience. But do not worry about it! If there is a will, there is always a way.

The world of social media is vast and therefore, if you want to leave your mark here, you need to stay calm. Remember there is no substitute for hard work. Just because your subscribers are not increasing or you are not getting enough views, do not start to produce bad content. Or, do not think of giving up. Remember that confining yourself to one particular platform is more of a bane rather than a boon.

So, you need to widen your horizon. Sticking only to YouTube for publishing content and getting fame is an extremely bad idea. Surely, YouTube is a huge platform with millions of active users daily but that doesn’t mean your content is visible to them. More than YouTube, Facebook is popular over the past few years with double times the active users per day as compared to YouTube. So, you need to broaden your boundaries.

On Facebook, there is also an added advantage. If you are not so popular yet and you have just started developing your base then Facebook can give you that necessary exposure. On Facebook, there will be multiple people who know you personally and they will help you to gain fame by sharing your content on their respective timelines. So, take the advantage of that. Create good content which is unique and entertaining so that people start sharing it more.

You can upload any of your content on YouTube first on your respective channel. Then make sure you convert that YouTube video to a video which is compatible with Facebook. There is no need to separately upload the same video on two media platforms separately. You can find the online service of any YouTube to Facebook converter. Go to the necessary company’s webpage who provides such a service. Copy the address link of your YouTube video and paste it into the webpage. In a short span of time, you will get a new link.

This new link is to your converted video. Paste it on Facebook and wait for people’s responses. While converting the video, it is also necessary you frame two thumbnails- one compatible with YouTube and the other with Facebook. Choose a customised image or an original capture from your video and set it as a thumbnail on YouTube’s video. Again seek the online service of a YouTube to Facebook thumbnail generator who will help you to get a thumbnail as per Facebook’s guidelines.

The Facebook thumbnails are of improved pixel quality and larger in size to gain attention from people. They also come with an attached play button for easier access. If your content is different, you will get all the fame you desire for!

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