Some Fabulous Ideas for a Safari Themed Wedding Reception Party


If your wedding date is set and you are prepped up set to celebrate the day in style, then firstly, I would like to congratulate you. You will, at last, get hitched to the love of your life. So, make sure everything is nothing less than perfect. But, let me tell you that, just planning your church wedding is not enough; you have to make sure that the reception party stands out as well, so that you and all the invitees look back to this for a very long time. Wondering, what exactly are you supposed to do? Firstly, make sure you book a spacious and reputed banquet hall in the heart of the city. Once you are done with that, plan on an interesting wedding theme to add glamour to your reception party. Want to go for a rustic and beautiful one? Then, I would suggest a jungle themed party.
As an event manager, all I can say is that, this theme is quite uncommon and would certainly surprise all your guests. It would create the perfect setting as well and trust me, you wouldn’t regret. There are various inexpensive wedding venues in Houston TX that customize the decor according to the desired theme. And for this particular theme, you need to talk to the management team in details. Read on to know more.
* Lights – Well, the first thing which I am going to mention is about the lights. Since, this would a jungle-inspired theme, make sure that there are no bright lights. No, that does not mean you have to compromise on the illumination. Lamps or lanterns on every table would make the setting absolutely breathtaking. But if you want a safer option, then I would ask you to opt for the pretty fairy lights. But make sure you talk with the decoration team in details, so that there are no last moment issues.
* Centerpieces and Flowers – Based on the theme, you should give special importance to the flowers and centerpieces. Wooden centerpieces would be simply great, along with a variety of flowers for the decor such as Asiatic lilies, wax flowers and Alstroemeria. The flowers would also depend on the availability, so get a clear idea about the seasonal ones before you ask the decoration team of the Inexpensive Wedding Venues in Houston, TX that can arrange for the same.
* Table Linen and Chair Covers – Animal-printed table linens and chair covers would absolutely do justice to this elegant yet rustic theme. Wondering about the availability? Well, they are easily available. And, if you choose a banquet hall that is open to all themes, then you need not worry about this at all.
* Dinnerware – Last but not at all the least, make sure that the dinnerware carries that “forest” vibe as well. This would simply serve as a cherry on the cake.
So, these were some suggestions on the decoration part of this particular theme. Now that you know, don’t delay anymore and start your search for wedding reception venues in Houston TX now. But, make sure that you compare the credentials and customer reviews before you finally zero down on one. And yes, here are a few more things you need to take care of.
>> Cuisine and Cake: Since this would be a jungle-themed reception party, opt for Mexican or Mediterranean cuisine. Ask if the catering team provides these cuisines or not. It would be great if the cake has some green frosting on it to go well with the idea, or some kind of animal prints on them.
>> Valet Parking Facilities: While planning on the theme, don’t miss out on the essential factors such as valet parking facilities. Make sure you only hire a banquet hall that provides valet parking facilities.
>> Entertainment: No reception party is complete without grooving to some great music. And hence, arrangement for a DJ, music system and the presence of a proper dance floor are extremely important.
So, now that you know everything about this theme and other requirements; don’t delay any further and start prepping up now! And yes, all the best.
Author Bio: Rose Black is a team member at one of the most reputed Wedding Reception Venues in Houston, TX and is a regular blogger on banquet halls and reception venues. To know about Inexpensive Wedding Venues in Houston TX, read her blogs.

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