Exploring the history of Mussoorie


Mussoorie is one of the premier most tourist destinations of northern India. If you are search of a place where you can head out to for your summer holidays, then there is hardly a better choice than Mussoorie with its perfect weather and breath-taking view of the mountains and valleys. 
There are plenty of hotels in Mussoorie and hence finding the right accommodation will not be a problem here at all. All you have to do is make sure that you pre-book your hotel room when you decide to travel to Mussoorie during the summer months since this is the peak tourist season. When travelling to a new place, knowing a bit of its history always makes exploring the place all the more interesting. Here are certain titbits of Mussoorie’s past that you will surely be able to enjoy: 

It was a British captain known as Captain Young who was wooed so much by the beauty of this place that he made his residence here and began to spend the rest of his days here. It was in the year 1823 that the captain made up his mind and built his residence here and hence it was from that year the hill station of Mussoorie earned its separate place in the map of India. A small hut had been set up by Mr. Shore which served as a shooting box even before Cpt. Young had built his residence here. This shooting box on the Camel Back Road is often identified as the oldest place of dwelling in Mussoorie. 
However, Mussoorie’s beauty capturing the imagination and hearts of many British generals is not a new one. There have been plenty in line after Captain Young. After Cpt. Young it was Colonel Everest you decided to build his residence here in the year 1832. Slowly and gradually more and more British officers started to build their homes here and hence the population of this hill resort town increased. Being very close to Delhi, the power centre of colonial India, many British officers unable to bear the heat of the plains used to visit Mussoorie during the summer months and hence there was a steep rise in the number of tourists that this hill station had during the summer months. This is true even today, and hence if you do decide to travel to this hill station during this period of the year, then expect to find jam packed mussoorie hotels and pretty crowded streets in the main town centre. 
The history behind the name of Mussoorie is a rather interesting one. Previously, sheep used to graze on the place where the town stands today. The famous Mansur shrub was found here which was good as food for the sheep and hence this place was christened after the name of the shrub. A favourite holiday destination for the Nehru family was Mussoorie. During the Chinese occupation of Tibet, many Tibetans had fled and settled in Mussoorie and it was here that Dalai Lama came and settled down in India for the first time during this period. Thus, Mussoorie today has quite a large Tibetan population. 
Aren’t these historical pointers quite interesting? Now when you visit Mussoorie, you can explore it in a different light!

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