Explore the Most Exotic Tastes of New and Old Delhi


Go walking
The best way to explore any city is by walking and tasting its cuisine. Especially in one rich with cultural heritage such as Delhi with a plethora of heritage sites. Tourists, however, have to plan their trip so that they get the most benefit from their tour.
Food Hot Spots in New Delhi
But, first let us check the New Delhi food guide to see where it takes us. Here are the top spots. You can reach these places on foot or by means of a bicycle rickshaw.
Paranthe Wali Gali: You get strict vegetarian food in this gali. The choice of food items range from ghobi paranthas to Parat paranthas, with a choice of chutneys, kormas, and side dishes.
Bishan Swaroop: At this restaurant, you can get the most delicious aloo kulla which is stuffed potato. The price is dirt cheap and you get lovely food here.
Khandani Pakode Wala: If you want some tea and crisp snacks, then this is the place. You can select from a variety of ten different pakoras at any time in the restaurant. Match them up with the lavish chutneys and you will find heaven in Delhi.
You can discover most of these places on a walking tour. When one goes to the Walled City of Chandni Chowk, one can see the rich cultural heritage in the structures and buildings left behind by the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan. To understand and appreciate the heritage, one must take part in the walking tours in Delhi.
Best Eating Places in Old Delhi
Delhi tourists enjoy visiting places such as the Old Fort, Kashmiri Gate, Mehrauli Archaeological Park, and Chandni Chowk, among plenty of other attractions. To start your Old Delhi food walk and for getting the taste of Delhi, one has to go these places:
Lotan Chole Wala: This place gives spicy food and is located in Chowri Bazaar. it has been around since 1977 and so is quite famous.
Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala: To get your fill of pyaz kachori, dal kachori, dry fruit kachori, and more, you have to hit this place. This opened in 1971 and has remained a favorite for food lovers ever since.
Al Jawahar: For meat lovers, there is no other heaven than AL Jawahar. The varieties are so numerous, that you can eat every day of the week and yet sav
our a new dish each day. You get the choice of Chicken Changazi, Biuryani, and other mutton delicacies that will make your trip worthwhile.
Royal Heritage and Grand Haveli Tour
You can book a tour that includes the best part of the Delhi, the Chandni Chowk and include Haveli Dharampura tour with it. This will cost only Rs.3500 and you need to spend only half a day. The pick-up point is outside Jama Masjid Police Station. The rickshaw rides take you through narrow lanes you would miss if you were to make the trip on your own.
Pick your tour package well for this will make or break your trip. Be sure to get more details from your travel agent or the website. When you take the time to plan your schedule, you get to explore more on your visit to Delhi.

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