Everything you need to know about Psychometric test


What is a Psychometric test?

These tests are the series of standard methods which are of course scientific in nature and assess the mental capabilities of candidates as well as their behavioural styles. These tests are suitable to analyze if the abilities of the candidate match the requirements of the job or not. The hiring managers and the recruitment agencies all over the world prefer these psychometric tests and before they even call a person for a face to face interaction, they make sure that they get this test done. It helps them to identify the candidates who are not fit for the position at a very earlier stage saving a lot of time and energy of the company as well as the candidate.

What is the aim of these Psychometric tests?

The aim of these tests is to analyze the below mentioned traits of an individual:

  • How do they react to various things?
  • How do they behave in certain situations?
  • What are their abilities and preferences?
  • Which is their preferred mode to accomplish things?

When can these Psychometric tests be used?

Psychometric tests are generally undertaken by the candidate during either of the following situations:

  • After submission of the job application form
  • Just before the face to face interaction with the panel of interviewers.

Why to use psychometric test?

These tests are used for a number of reasons. Some of them are given as under:

  1. Development and training – Not only these tests can be done on the prospective employees, but also on the current employees. These tests help the managers to find out the best possible way to develop and train the individuals and also to improve their performance and skill.
  2. Helps in selection of the right candidate –These tests greatly help in hiring the right fit candidate in the organization. The personality, knowledge and the acumen that is required to perform a particular task could not be just analyzed through interviews so that’s why psychometric test needs to be conducted.
  3. Development of the team – Usually, managers use these tests for a better understanding of the people and then accordingly build and develop the team. The team members understand each other better and strive to maintain the positive relationships at workplace.
  4. Development and progression of career – These tests helps in finding out values which lead to career development and progression. Employees can find out the right career paths for themselves and employers can help in career development of all those employees who are the right fit to the company.

Kinds of Psychometric tests:

These tests can be divided into two segments and are further subdivided. The details are as under:

  • Aptitude tests –
    • Verbal reasoning
    • Numerical reasoning
    • Diagrammatic reasoning
  • Personality test –
    • Occupational questionnaires

These are very common tests and are aimed at measuring the intellect and competence of individual and also measure the analytical reasoning capabilities. These tests are related to particular job and can also be used to predict the performance of the individual in that particular job.

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