Enjoy Your Outing or Plan Your Meetings in Style at Ludlow


Ludlow is a picturesque town overflowing with pleasant landscape and overwhelming natural beauty. In the centre of this is the residential facility with a wonderful selection of rooms. This Centre has plenty of free parking space and an extensive range of services for people who stay here or rent the conference and meeting rooms here.

Stay at the Centre

One of the best accommodations in Ludlow Shropshire, the Centre has miles and miles of open countryside which is one of the main attractions of the place. The others are the museum and the castle that draw many visitors and the church that has been in existence since the Middle Ages.

The people who come to Ludlow do so for one of these three reasons.

a)  To have a pleasant countryside vacation
b)  For shopping during festive occasions
c)  For conferences and meetings
People who come to the Centre for their vacation have nothing to do but enjoy their stay. The wonderful Twin rooms are ideal for those who have no children or only one small child. It has an en-suite bathroom with complementary toiletries and supply of fresh towels. The twin beds have bedside cabinets and reading lights. If you are more in number, you may opt for the Family Room. Here you have one twin bed and one bunk bed.

Arrange meetings and get – togethers

The meetings and conferences can be arranged with as much flexibility as needed. For instance, in the Severn Wye Room, you have space for 60 people. Of these half of them as seated around the tables. The other 30 people sit in rows in chairs arranged in straight lines. The Clun Room is an airy room which seats 45 people. Of this, 15 can sit at the table while the other 30 can sit in rows. The Clun room has a stone fireplace as its centrepiece.

For larger gatherings, you can use The Hall. This room accommodates up to 70 people and is ideal for lectures and conferences. If you seat the people at tables, then 50 people can be accommodated. For small meetings, you have the Brook Room that seats four people in informally. This is suitable for discussion groups and one-on-one get-togethers.

Have your wedding or reception here

One of the attractions of the Centre is the use of the place for conducting wedding ceremony and reception. A few of them opt for only the reception while many of them conduct the ceremony alone here. Then, there are those who choose to hire the entire Centre along with its beds and facilities. They have the place to themselves for the entire evening and night. They hand the place back at 9 AM the next day.

To conduct the ceremony and the reception, you can choose any one of the room or rooms (if you choose more than one). You can hire the catering staff to provide you with the meals. You will have to pay the registration charges of course.

When you plan your trip, make sure to include Ludlow, Shropshire in the itinerary. In fact, you could make it the centre point and move to the other destinations from here. It is a wonderful way to see the world.

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