Easy Tips To Help Clear That JEE Exam


Are you looking for some tips to crack the JEE Main? Well, you are exactly at the right place. For clearing JEE Main exam, it doesn’t matter that you know every topic. It would be great if you study some relevant topics. Here are some useful tips that might help you to crack the exam. Being simple, these tips are easy to follow. While learning a particular concept, you can search some website or Google books for more reference. If you are not comfortable with physics NCERT book, then you can refer to the complete physics guide. Pick up the best book of your choice.

  • Revise your class notes regularly
  • Refer the internet and other sources for the difficult topic
  • Do practice more problems and equations
  • Test yourself with online mock tests
  • Share the topics with your friends

Take good handwritten notes

Taking notes will help you a lot during the exam time.  You can write whatever is taught in the class. Rather than taking notes by mobile devices, it is better to use your beautiful hand to take the notes. If you use the laptop for taking notes, then you are more likely to lose your concentration when you receive text messages, notifications and so on. You can revise your notes on a regular basis. The important formula and equation in the notes will help you.

Practice makes perfect

Once you have finished a chapter, you can take a mock test and award yourself. Besides mock test, you should refer the previous year question papers from which you can identify the exam pattern, marks and so on. When you solve more question papers, cracking the NEAT exam will be a matter of minutes. You can check out on JEE main sample paper 2015 with solution to study the important question with answers.

Online coaching

There are so many online coaching and off line CBSE coaching centers that provide you coaching for all the competition exam including NEAT, AIPMT and similar exams. If you are feeling discomfort in the subject, then you can enroll for the best online course of your choice.


Confidence is the first and foremost step in clearing the exam. The word ‘confidence’ is a powerful word that makes you feel fresh and energetic forever. Whenever you wake up, meditate for 5 minutes and say to yourself, ‘I am brave enough to face the NEET exam.’ This is a quite simple yet powerful way to score more marks in NEET exam.

Avoid TV

For most students, it is tough to survive without TV and laptop.  Rather than wasting your time on watching TV serials, try to solve JEE main sample paper with a solution to pass your time in a useful way. If you are watching it for just some entertainment purpose, then it is okay, however, don’t look at the movies for a long time.  Stop wasting your time and start learning smartly.

Simply follow these golden rules to grab more marks. Stay happy and confident. Face the exam with your smiling face. Best of Luck!

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