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Pablo Ruiz y Picasso is a name known to everyone in the world whether it’s an ardent art lover, a student, a curate or even a normal unaware fuddy-duddy denizen. Various modern day concepts are associated with artist pablo picasso, he has become a synonym to modern art and he was the most influential artist of his time. Picasso’s painting style has a lot of variety and it is said that he changed his painting style whenever he fell in love with a new woman. A playboy and an art geek! He is also associated with abstract art, modernism and cubism with his interesting works in abstract art, marvelous representation of modernism and conciliating cubism. His works reflected sympathy towards weak, outcasts, and underclass and under privileged which ultimately led him to join communism.

He was Spanish and was not only a painter but boasted of many talents as a sculptor, graphic artist, designer and ceramist which led to his being the most influential person of twentieth century.

Major Works of Pablo Picasso

  • Family of Saltimbanques –

Year- 1905

  • Ma Jolie (My Pretty Girl)

Year- 1911- 1912

  • La Vie (Life)

Year- 1903

  • Girl Before a Mirror

Year- 1932

  • Three Musicians

Year- 1921

  • Le Reve (The Dream)

Year- 1932

  • The Old Guitarist

Year- 1903- 1904

  • The Weeping Woman

Year- 1937

  • Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (The Young Ladies of Avignon)

Year- 1907

  • Guernica

Year- 1937

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