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India is not a third world country to worry a lot about your health. Sanitation and health care in India are incredible. India is one of the top destinations for medical tourism.

Still, there are a few infections in India that might affect you. Not all cities in India are germ free. Before you start planning your Indian vacation, you need to think about vaccination. Especially, if you are travelling with children, senior citizens or pregnant woman, vaccination is very essential.

Vaccination criteria
The list of vaccination depends on the following criteriaa)     The place that you are planning to visitb)     Your itineraryc)      Health historyd)     Health status

List of vaccinations for India

Requisition from India

Hepatitis A – This disease is transmitted through water and food. It is better to stick with bottled mineral water and choose reputed hotels. The risk of this disease is high in India.

Hepatitis B – It is a viral infection that can spread through bodily fluid. It can be spread through sexual activities, recreational drug use and others. The risk of this infection is intermediate.

Typhoid Fever– It is a life threatening illness caused by bacteria. It is spread by consuming contaminated food or water. If you are visiting any rural areas during your visit, this vaccination is a must.

Japanese encephalitis – Don’t let the name fool you. It is a high risk disease in India that is transmitted by mosquito. If left untreated, it can be fatal. If you are visiting any farming area, this vaccination is a must.

Rabies – You already know a lot about rabies. It is spread by bites from animals that are infected with rabies. It is not a major concern in India unless you are planning on spending time with animals throughout your vacation.
Beyond these; certain epidemics break from time to time. Learn from international health department about the vaccinations that you need to take before entering India.

If you are visiting from any country that has yellow fever epidemic or other disease, you need to have a proof of vaccination to enter India. In some cases, a small screening test would be conducted before you enter India. If you are found infected, you would be kept in a quarantine for six to eight days.

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