How to deal with annoying people who touch your pregnant bellies?


It is on anticipated lines that the body goes through a hell lot of changes during the course of pregnancy. It is not only the physical side of things as pregnancy is a feeling that needs to be cherished. You may feel nausea or a dose of morning sickness and these are pretty normal or on expected lines. But what might surprise you is that people touching your pregnant bellies. In fact this is the last thing that would have been in your minds for sure. This is obviously the time when pregnancy really starts to show.

Your family or your close relatives may walk up to you and think on the lines of touching your pregnant belly. You would not mind your mother or your husband touching your pregnant belly. But this is also dependent on that particular point of time how you are feeling. Ideally you would not mind someone touching your belly if they ask you in a polite manner. But total strangers may walk up to you and then they think of touching your belly. It replicates a scenario where personal space and common courtesy are not alive on the planet.

When they rub your belly do they expect the baby to emerge out like a smoke from the ashes? Would they go on to grant their wishes? Unwanted touching of belly is a disgrace and many laws have been passed in this regard. A lady in Pennsylvania went on to press charges against a man who touched her pregnant belly. This he did in spite of having being told numerous times not to do it. But here the charges were not restricted to her being pregnant itself. Most of the states have laws in place pertaining to harassment and this involves unwanted touching at the same time.

In the true sense no one would dare walk up to a woman and think of touching her breast. But why on earth do we think of touching the belly of a pregnant woman. Kids or elderly woman tend to do it more and some adult women may try to do it as if they want to feel the movement of the baby. They are likely to tell you that they do want to feel the miracle within you.

The real problem stems from the fact if you adopt a stance of don’t touch my belly. If a lady complains about touching she is considered to be oversensitive and hormonal. Do not walk into the trap as it is your body. You have all the liberty in the world to say no to anyone is it some close to you as well. Some women have a decent amount of luck in touching back. If someone touches your pregnant belly you can touch their stomach and ask them how it feels.

The message is that if you do not want to be touched then no one can touch you. There is no need to be rude, but pass the message in a polite manner.

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