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Photography is a subject, which many will not understand very easily. It takes a lot of sense and interest to understand taking a picture. Photography, if understood properly, is perhaps one of the most abstract subjects any person can come across in his/ her lifetime. For a common person, taking a photograph might just look as a subject to click random pictures, choose the best of the lot, and upload in some of the popular social media and photo share websites. This may be the easiest way to deal with photographs and involves little effort and opportunity for the photographers to learn the subject.

Aside all these amateur photographers on one side, there are several photographers of name and fame, whom has taken the subject to a very new level and has even made a sound livelihood from photography. Apart from these, there are other popular photographers, who have special interest in photography aside leading a life of other mainstream chores. One such photographer is David Berkowitz Chicago based photographer, who has scripted a permanent membership in the best photographer’s hall of fame segments.

According to David Berkowitz rulebook, a photographer is not a photographer until he/ she has taken at least few hundreds of bad pictures in the past.These bad pictures on the context mean the pictures, which gives the budding photographer an experience to think and rethink on planning new strategies in the subject. A photographer will never quit and will only learn more and more, which will eventually make him a renowned name in the business.

Practice Makes Perfect:

For the record, David Berkowitz Chicago based photographer has constantly lived up to his expectation and keeps on producing unbelievable set of pictures.Right from the subject to the conditions and angles related to photography, there are perhaps no remaining avenues in major to be explored by him.

As a photographer, he emphasizes good on maintaining the pictures and photography subjects. What this means is that he focuses more on taking the perfect shot, rather than relying heavily for post editing of the pictures by the means of modern photo editing software. As per his thoughts, it is better to adjust the exposure and all the manual settings of a camera rather than put all of the pictures in real time mode and edit the raw pictures to a post processed copy. So much is the influence of the photographer, he has featured in numerous journal and lifestyle photography sites and his personal blog with some of the largest collections of his pictures rolled in them.

Influence and Advice

David Berkowitz Chicago is not a new name in the world of professional photographers. Right from his perspective in general to his perspective in photography is lauded globally. The abstract subjects and the immaculatecamera settings, which is one of the main skills of a photographer is taught as an example for all the amateur photographers. For a budding young photographer, his points and texture of photography collection will help a lot in understanding on how to brush their skills.


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