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There are different types of panties available in the market today. You need not to compromise with your comfort or taste while you buy panties. But if you are one of those ladies who think that panties is just a private affair and they are always covered up with layers of clothes then you have to broaden up your thinking.
Of course, you wear panties beneath your dress but it has to be comfortable. It is not about who sees, it is about how you feel about yourself. If you Buy Sexy Panties for Ladies Online, you can feel happier, contented, comfortable and stylish. After all, if your body isn’t looking smart and sexy to you, you might lose interest in it, right? So, why not make the most of your looks by enhancing them with right pieces of clothes?
Different Types of Panties
There are different types of panties available and you can buy them all for different occasions. Have a look at few of these types:
String bikini
As the name says, the only thing that makes string bikini different from the conventional one is its thin strings on sides. Such strings make the panties appear even sexier. Women having a straight body i. e. having not a lot of difference in their waist, shoulders and hips, should go for this type. The tie-side bottoms give delusion of curves.
It is perfect beachwear that almost every woman wishes to wear to flaunt her body. This bikini panty Caters lesser coverage as compared to brief, but quite much coverage than a thong. It is perfectunderwear for low cut jeans. These are available in both the low cut and high cut. These panties it complement the curvy hips, moderately size bottoms and flat tummies. The type suits the best to the inverted triangle shaped body figures. However, women having slightly heavier bottom can don high rise bikini panty that possesses laced waistbands.
The most commonly and comfortable panties worn by females of all age groups are briefs. Firstly, it covers crotch and rear area. It can fit in any size, health and body shape. Just look for the right type of cut and material when you pick briefs. Though cotton fabric panties are comfy, but you can also pick from rayon, nylon or polyester depending on your choice.
A tiny triangular panty that just covers the front area and leaves the rear exposed is called thong. It is preferred for lack of coverage and is surely not for shy type of ladies. Ladies having droopy or cellulitebottoms should avoid wearing these. But in case you have a body that is moderately sized and firm, then go for it. The most famous kinds of thong that you can pick from are like G-String and C-String. Whatever you decide, make sure that you pick the ones in which you feel comfortable. After all, what is the point if you are getting annoyed by your panty!
Thus, if you hesitate to ask for panties in your nearby store, you can Buy Women Panties Online in India. So, go comfortable and sexy with beautiful panties.

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