Commercial Fridge And Its Different Types


Have you ever paid attention to the commercial fridge in any professional kitchen? If not then make sure that you take a look at it the next time you visit a professional kitchen. These fridges in the professional kitchen are the most used appliances. Packed with enough power, this kitchen appliance can be reliable for keeping the items (mostly food) in good condition no matter how many times the doors are being opened.

Here is a study on the different types of professional fridges available in the market;

Upright fridges
Upright fridges are the most common type of professional commercial fridges. These free-standing fridges have slimmer models as well to adjust into small spaces. Normally, these fridges are big, hence considering the space of the room is a must before any purchase. One good thing is that the internal capacity in a upright fridge is much better than other refrigerators, especially when you go for a double door model. In many upright fridges trays can be taken directly to the freezer from the fridge. It can be accessed easily and helps in storing large ingredients or containers.

Counter fridges
This commercial fridge freezer doesn’t rise above your waist. They give both space for chilling and food preparation. Durable materials are used to build the counter surface giving benefit of an upper countertop. Counter fridges are available either with doors or drawers or a combination of the two. No wonder counter fridges make good use of the kitchen space as chilling and preparation of food can be made on the same unit. Counter fridges are available in different sizes ranging from single door to four-door counters.

Prep Counter fridges
Prep counter fridges are somewhat similar to the counter fridges but with a little difference. An area is added in the fridge which provides easy accessibility to chilled food. Restaurants make use of the prep counter fridges as getting everything in one place makes the preparation process much faster. These fridges are also available with doors, drawers or both and also offer compatibility in some models.

Low fridges
Low fridge are also known as the Chef base or Flexdrawer or Underboiler. Comes in the height of the knee, these fridges come as a good option for saving space. Mainly made as chilled storage, they can also be used for accommodation of other kitchen appliances. Chilled or frozen option is available and hence can be set into one.  It acts as a single unit as freezer and fridge.

Under counter fridges
These are the most lightweight and compact fridges. Food ingredients can be accessed easily without facing any obstruction. They possess solid doors and are used in low demand areas. Ideal for restaurants and hotel rooms use.

Refrigerated server
It is a counter top fridge which keeps the ingredients chilled and ready for prep of food. Often used in pizzerias or sandwich shops, it uses small storage pans. These refrigerated servers are ideal for the buffets with trays of stainless steel that are easy to clean.

The above mentioned are some common types of commercial  fridge. You can choose according to your requirement.

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