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Decorating one’s own home is a very important thing. It shows the aesthetic sense of the owner of the house. In fact, it is also a great pleasure to decorate each room according to the way you like. One has dreams of decorating their own house and once they get a chance to do that, they do it absolutely the way they dreamt it should be.

India is a mine of handicrafts. Each state has its own unique handicrafts and one can pick and choose from them in order to decorate their house. One can buy dhokra art online or any other handicrafts and then make their house look beautiful with them. In fact, Indian handicrafts are such that one can boast about them by possessing them.

But before buying Indian handicrafts one should have a basic knowledge on what different types of handicrafts are made here and which one belongs to which region. If one does not have a clear idea till now, then they can go ahead and find out the details about them.

Brass Handicrafts

Brass is a very durable material and it can be a good decor item material. This is mainly made all over the rural areas of India and the most popular brass handicrafts that are made are table tops, bases, lamps, ornament boxes, figurines, bowls and plates. But when buying them, it is a good idea to check the quality of brass out of which these are made. This is because; a poor brass material when kept in exposed air gets oxidized quickly. So, buy only those products which have a coat of lacquer over it. To keep them new, try to clean them with lemon extracts on a regular interval.

Jute Handicrafts

Jute is mainly found and manufactured in parts of West Bengal. Jute fibres are the most affordable one to make handicrafts out of it. One can make lamps, table mats, wall hangings, wine coasters and rugs out of it. In fact, jute fibres are light weight and so accessories like bags are also made out of them. Have you heard of Jute silk saris? Well, these also have jute fibres woven in it.

Clay Handicrafts

This is the art of pottery which is famous in India. It is the most ancient form of handicrafts and terracotta can make some beautiful decorating items which you can cherish forever. Clay handicrafts can be black, red and grey in colour. Apart from decorative items, clay pots are good as food utensils and water storing pots as they are good for human health.

Dhokra Handicrafts

This is again a very old form of handicrafts in India. They are mainly famous for small figurines and animal figures which can decorate your showcases in the living room. There are things of regular use which are made from dhokra like candle stands, pen stands and ashtrays. Dhokra craft looks beautiful if you keep them in the corner of your room.

Choose any of them to decorate your house.

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