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With the increasing urge to decorate their homes, people are constantly looking forward to different ways that are unconventional.  Moreover, the go green phenomenon has diverted the trend towards naturalistic modes. People tend to decorate the tiniest segment of home in 100% distinct natural ways. Matting is an integral part of room decoration. A doormat is an essential accessory that casts the very first impression on your visitors. As they always say, first impression is the last impression, it is important to carve the niche with an extraordinary doormat at the entrance of the house. Also a stairway mat is as important at corporate offices. It promotes healthy environment by not letting dust and dirt seeping inside.

One of the best things to serve all the above mentioned purposes is to use seagrass mats. They bring exotic luxury to the floor spaces and one can imagine the ocean air around themselves as they decorate their floor space covering with seagrass mats. Seagrass is a flowering plant native to the saline marine water of China and India. The sea flooded water aids the long grass to grow longer and stronger. The grass fibres are then dried in sun and this dried grass is afterwards spun into cords. The cords are finally woven into rugs, mats or carpets.

The five star benefits of seagrass mats can be attributed to its hard but smooth finish, durability, stain resistant and anti inflammable attributes.

Pricing is a key factor when it comes to consumers choices. Seagrass mats are amazingly cost effective as compared to its synthetic alternatives.

Floorspace seagrass mats are an ideal choice for high traffic areas where you expect a lot of people walking over it. Because it is tropical grass, it tends to last long and can withstand hard wear and tear.

It is magnificent to look at the various textures of seagrass mats. Half panama is a traditional variety woven with the aid of herringbone that is a well known exquisite piece of art. It has shining gleam that makes it subtle choice for doormat. However, its slippery attribute makes it less preferred choice for stairways. However, some companies have come up with a hard latex finish to get over this problem.

Also, seagrass cannot be dyed, so they must be used in the natural colors or earthy colors.
Also, seagrass mats are highly susceptible to mildew or mould and hence they should not be used in a kitchen, bathroom, basement or any other damp area.

Owing to its molecular structure of non porous fibres, Floorspace seagrass matsare stain resistant. Also, the surface is naturally smooth and dirt easily brushes out of it, thus implies that seagrass mats require low maintenance. Few shakes are just sufficed to ward off any dust or dirt. Also it is recommended to vacuum clean it to ensure a long life to the seagrass mats.

If you have kids at home, or any member suffering from asthma or those affected with allergies then it is recommended to use seagrass mats as they are anti allergic.

Seagrass mats works best in an arid or dry environment as compared to damp and moisture laden areas.  

So, explore from the vast collection of Floorspace seagrass mats as a house warming gift. While venturing to enter new house, one is obviously going to purchase many items. If you are a health freak and support the ongoing go green trend, then Floorspace seagrass mat is just the right option for you. No doubt, Seagrass mats are the 21st century smart choice for smart customers.            

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