Chennai Weekend Get-Away


When in Chennai don’t think that fun and amusement are limited to only to coffee, and temples, but there is more to it. It has many beautiful beaches, sea port, airport, one-day leisure outings, beautiful highways, and much more. It is the capital of Indian state Tamil Nadu and is culturally very rich. Originally Chennai was also known as Madras. In India the most visited city is Chennai, especially by the foreign tourists. So let’s have a nice quick rundown to some of the fun things and places that you can explore when in Chennai, with your friends or family.

  1. Marina Beach

This is one of the longest beach in India and second longest in world. This urban beach is 13-kilometer long, which runs up to the Foreshore Estate that is on the south side, from the Fort St.George that is on the north side. It is the most visited place and during the time of weekends, there could be seen around 50,000 people.  Other attractions to this beach are the MGR Memorial, Chennai Lighthouse, Jayalalitha Memorial, and Anna Memorial. The fun things that you could do here are such as kite flying, authentic seafood, ice house, pony riding, and exploring aquarium.

  1. Vandalur Zoo

Zoo is a great place to visit when you have kids along with you; it’s a fun related place and also serves the educational purpose to them. Kids love this place and also adults. It is also conservation spot for the Fauna and Flora of the Western and Eastern Ghats. You can visit the aquarium here, have deer safari and lion safari, animal house, snake house, white tiger, waterfall entrance, and butterfly house. It is open from morning 9 to 5 in the afternoon, and the entry fee ranges from 10-30 rupees.

  1. Velachery

Velachery is located in South side of Chennai, and is one of the metropolitan city in the state of Tamil Nadu. The best here is the VelacheryLake, which was of 250 acres historically, along with the Narasimhar and Sellimman Temples around. There are also many aquariums around here which you could explore with your kids. The hotels in Velachery are great which provide you with the best hospitality.

  1. VGP Universal Kingdom

This is an amusement park which is favourites to both kids and adults. There are many rides, live shows, and eateries over here and you can avail a full entertainment package as well. You can explore the dashing car, go karting, doll kingdom, jungle car, balloon racer, Aladdin show, circus train, telecombat, and water chute. There are also some amazing folk dance and music performances being held here which you enjoy. The entry fee inclusive of all rides for one day is 300 rupees. It stays open from 11 to 7:30 in the evening.

  1. Muttukadu

This is actually backwater area situated in the Kanchipuram district nearby to Chennai. It is popular for boating and watersports, and best place to just relax and chill. Things that you can over here are Dashing boat, Dizee shake of 110 feet, water sports, Karnakasi ranger, and also visit a small village Dakshinchitra.

So, hope this helps you plan a great weekend with your friends or family, and have a great gala time with them.

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