Great Qualities of Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring for Houses

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Most home owners love vinyl flooring because of its basic simplicity. It is resistant to moisture and low cost. When the room is less than 25 square yards, they make use of loose lay vinyl flooring planks without adhesive.

Simple to lay

You do not have to use any glue, staples, or ClickLock for your loose lay vinyl flooring. (ClickLock is the system used by luxury vinyl tiles and they too do not use any glue or staples.) The cheap loose lay vinyl planks are super heavy and thick. That makes them so stable once they are laid. The method used here is quite simple to follow.

The back of each tile is made very rough so they use the force of friction to grip to the subfloor. The loose lay vinyl tiles have good physical property in that they will not expand or shrink because of moisture. They stay in shape, they stay the same size. This helps you make exact measurements and lay the floor without any change. They will not need any expansion joints as they will remain the same.

Method of laying

Some elementary precautions must be ensured just as in the case of all other tiles. One is that you must get the instructions from the manufacturer about the proper method to follow while laying the tiles. You must prepare the subfloor correctly so that it is level and well prepared for the top layer. It must offer the right amount of friction for the tiles.

If the spaces are large then you might have to apply adhesive tape to make sure that the tiles stay in place. But, basically this loose lay vinyl floor tile is so simple to lay that home owners without any experience can lay the floor easily. And one can see that even if you have an adhesive grid laid, the loose lay vinyl tiles are as easy to get off as they are to put on. This means that people who are moving to a new house might even have the option of taking the floor with them.

Other useful properties of the vinyl tiles

Most of the flooring tiles are expensive. In this case, however, the loose lay tiles can be replaced one by one at the places where they are worn out or damaged. So, it is not unusual to find home owners keeping a few spare tiles handy for making repairs. Another useful aspect of the vinyl tiles is that in some modern designs, the electrical socket is placed under the floor tiles on the subfloor. If you use loose lay tiles, you can easily remove the tiles and make use of the socket as needed. The vinyl tile will fit back on top when the use is over.

The next useful aspect of loose lay vinyl tiles is that they are highly durable so that most manufacturers offer guarantees of 12-15 years. They do not need any maintenance and have a modern look with plenty of colours from which you can choose. They are waterproof and absorb a good deal of sound. The homeowners love it for the warm underfoot feeling that makes one so comfortable.

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