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Going by the trend these days, investment banking industry has caught the fire pretty intensively. In the corporate financial a world, working with such a firm comes with great respect and admiration. After all, studying about financial models and analytical reports is not an easy task. But thanks to investment banking certification, aspirants can now actually realize their dream and work in this big-shot industry. Keeping in mind the fact that the organizations of today, are far more well-structured, organized, technologically advanced and well networked. And, given all these facts, there are more varied roles and designations which this industry has to offer and in its kitty.
There is no doubt that every industry, be it financial, digital or a media house is growing at a rapid speed. And when it comes to firms which deal with financial models, mergers, acquisitions- the opportunities are galore. The investment banking industry is on the lookout for skilled talent and develops their pool. Here are the scopes, career opportunities, and gateways which open up on getting an investment banking certification on your stride.
Designation Wise Growth in the Sector

  1. Analyst – The role is generally offered to people out of their grad school and hail an experience of 1-2 years. Their KRA revolves around the collection of data, creating presentations, and financial analysis of data.
  2. Associate- This the next level after analyst, which comes with more responsibilities and duties like team management and dealing with clients.
  3. Vice President- A Vice President is the one who handles the project and has associates and analyst working under him/her. They are responsible for maintaining cordial relationship with clients and ensure efficiency in work flow.
  4. Managing Director- An expert in the domain with experience above 15 years. An MD is responsible for bringing prosperity to business, cracking deals with clients, and drive business home.

The various division in which one can showcase their expertise are

  1. Corporate finance- A business division concerned majorly with capital formation for clients so that they can jump start a new business. They find the potential source of funds and strike the right balance between equity, debts, and securities to maintain the balance sheet.

2. Mergers and Acquisitions- Under this setup, the investment firm acts as an advisor to the client by facilitating the valuation of their merger or acquisition. To enter this division, the person needs to have a strong experience in financial services and capability to negotiate a deal.

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