Brennan & Clark Collection Agency- Simple Tips to Stop Collection Calls


Collection calls can be a nuisance and harassment for you at times. It is here that you need to entrust the major responsibility to stop collection calls by asking a professional company to help you. The company will have the skills and expertise to help you regain peace of mind and place a stop to collection calls forever.

Brennan & Clark Collection Agency-ask professionals to help bid adieu to calls

Brennan & Clark Collection Agency is an esteemed collection agency in the USA and its experts say that if you really wish to halt or stop collection calls, it is prudent for you to get in touch with professionals. The experts here say that the simplest way in which you can stop collection calls is to pay your debts in full. When you have outstanding debts and the calls just start to come in, you have the choice to stop these calls with the aid of the following tips- 

  1. Fair debt collection practices act – Under this Act you can instruct the debtor to stop calling you. When the creditor calls you again, you can ask for the address of that company. You can tell them that you plan to send them a letter and you can ask them for the address so that you can draft a letter to them.
  2. Letter- You can write a letter saying that you are behind in your payments and state your intention that you will pay as soon as your circumstances improve. This means you have the scope to make your intention clear. Make a request to them to stop calling you. You may also mention the fact that if the company does not stop calling you will make an official complaint to the office of the State Attorney General.
  3. Send the letter via certified mail- You should spend some money to send the letter via certified mail to the address of the creditor’s office. Here, you will be given a receipt and get the letter signed proving its receipt. This means you will have a copy that may come in handy in the future.

The above are some simple tips that help you stop collection calls. However, the experts at Brennan & Clark Collection Agency say that you may contact credible companies in the field of collections like them. The experts here will take the onus of helping you stop these frequent collection calls with immediate effect. They will also take up the responsibility of negotiating with your creditors so that they do not call you ever again. The terms and conditions of the negotiation will be discussed between both parties before it is signed. This makes it simple for you to get help you need when you face harassing collection calls. When you are looking for experts to help, you make sure to check their track record and customer ratings and go through the reviews online. In this way, you will be able to find trustworthy and credible companies that ensure that you will not receive collection calls anymore!

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