When is the best time for you to Start Preparing for SAT 2018?


Are you thinking about enrolling into some of the best UG colleges or universities in the world? Most of the leading colleges or universities in the world require the candidates or the high schools students to clear the SAT test to qualify for various UG courses offered by them. The SAT is a global-level standardized test that the aspiring candidates have to undertake in order to get admission in the best UG College or university of their dreams in the US & various other countries.

Once you have made up your mind to get enrolled in any of the most prestigious UG College or university of the world, you need to start preparing for the same. Most of the candidates are concerned about when they should start preparing themselves for the SAT exam. If you start the preparation too late, you might not be able to cope with the vast syllabus that you need to cover for the SAT 2018. Similarly, if you start way too early for SAT 2018, you might struggle with constantly forgetting all that you have learnt during the preparatory stage. As such, it become to analyze perfectly the right time to start the preparation for Sat 2018 to help you clear the test in an effortless manner.

What Gets Tested in a SAT Test?

The SAT test is used for test various skills acquired by the candidate by being a high school student in order to further pursue the UG course in the college or university of one’s choice. As such, if you are preparing for the SAT 2018, you need to master three major sections.


All the different set of questions in the given reading section of the SAT exam is based on reading passages that are set over a wide range of topics. There will be 1 world or US literature passage, 2 social science/history passages, and 2 science-based passages. The candidates are required to read & understand the passages and then, answer different MCQs based on the given passages. If you wish to do well in the SAT Reading section, you must prepare yourself to be able to read different passages and interpret them well quickly enough to answer the MCQs in an effective manner.


The SAT exam’s writing section tests the candidates for their respective writing skills in the English language. It also checks the use of proper grammar and spellings which are important aspects of English writing. Under this section, you might be asked to correct sentences, identify errors in English sentences, and correct paragraphs.For getting better scores in this section, you need to improve your English writing skills.


The SAT Math section tests the different sections of the Mathematics subject including Arithmetic Operations, Statistics, Geometry, Algebra, and others. As such, you need to master over these topics well in advance and keep practicing the same to score high marks in the Math section of the SAT 2018.

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