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Rudraksha is a word that bestows holiness among the disciples of Lord Shiva. Among the followers of Shaivism,there are some things that hold great significance. The Rudraksha is a type of bead which is known as the tear drop of Lord Shiva as per the mythology. As per another legend, the Rudraksha is the third eye of Lord and hence hold great powers.
Different types of Rudraksha are known for different energies and capabilities to bring fortunes to the wearer. Basically, it is a fruit that grows on the Rudraksha Tree. These trees are found in the region of Java, Bali, Sumatra, Indonesia and other south East Asian countries.  There are also some regions of Nepal in Himalayan region where this tree is found.
The bead: 
The fruit of Rudraksha grows on the tree, and once it is fully dried, it takes the shape of Rudraksha bead. There are beads from one faced or Ek Mukhi to twenty-two faced or bais Mukhi. However, all these beads are not considered as pious and only up to fourteen faces or chaudah Mukhi Rudraksh are only known for wearing purpose.
It is believed that whoever wears this bead can keep free from worry and evil effects of life. He can progress in all the fronts of life which include health, prosperity, and wealth.
The faces of the beads are decided from the lines marked on the bead. One can count these lines and accordingly the bead is known to offer its effects. One can wear the bead in the form of bracelet or pendant. As per the Hindu tradition also the Rudraksh Bead is known powerful and effective for mantra Jap. Before wearing this bead, one must consult an expert so that right bead for right effect can be worn. The Ek Mukhi Rudraksh or One faced Bead is known much pious, and hence one needs to follow certain rules and regulations after wearing them.
The purchase:
In this age, one can go for Rudraksha Online order also as there are sellers who sell quality and real beads on the online platform. One can check the internet for such sellers and check their products on the site. One can go through the provided information and see if the beads are certified for originality or not. As they have a huge range of beads, one needs to know the quality and price from each store. Some of the sellers also sell these beads in the form of a bracelet or necklace which one just needs to order and wear. However, to buy original Rudraksha one can check the reviews of the seller from his site or other platforms. Those who have already bought the beads from the site provide their reviews there and accordingly one can know the quality and service of the seller. On this platform, one can make the payment through online channels, and the best part is one can have the beads at much low cost than the offline market also.

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