Baking cakes: Understand the Dos & Don’ts


Occasions, events and celebrations like wedding anniversary, birthday or any corporate event does call for good food. Without cakes, the entire atmosphere turns gloomy even if there is introduced variety of food.

To bake cake at home or order online cake delivery in Jaipur

The cake can be either baked at the home or ordered from one of the reputed online portal. Online ordering of cakes when done can help the organizer to get more time to prepare the other food items that will be necessary to satisfy the guests and also to take care of the other essential things. Moreover, buying online also will help the person to save on precious time, energy and money, since a lot of ingredients will be required to make the cake. Although baking self at home can be fulfilling and a satisfying experience, shopping online does offer the opportunity to get custom themed options to select from.

Some essential aspects to consider when baking cakes

If the person just loves to bake cakes at home, then it is necessary to follow the given below aspects to ensure success at the very first attempt and to come up with delicious and great looking cake. Some of the dos and don’ts of baking cakes are given below:

  • Baking ingredients are not to be used immediately after taking from the refrigerator or be used extremely cold or hot. It needs to be left at room temperature for some time before preparation.

  • Avoid using stale eggs as they will leave a bad taste in the egg and spoil it completely. Immerse egg in bowl of water. Check if it sinks or floats. Fresh ones will sink.

  • Use digital kitchen scale to get accurate measurements of the different ingredients to be used in baking cakes.

  • Use silicone baking mats which eliminates the need to grease and to use parchment paper. No ingredient will stick to it and offers plenty of benefits. Use highly quality and authentic ones only.

  • Cold egg is to be brought room temperature quickly using lukewarm water.

  • Apply sugar as directed by the experts. Over or under usage will only damage the crust.

  • Use salt to ensure sweetens of the cake.

  • Do not place cake inside oven, if temperature is not set correctly.

  • Ensure that the cake is baked thoroughly by inserting a clean and new toothpick inside the centre. If it comes out neat and fresh, then the cake is baked. Otherwise bake more to get right texture and flavour, but avoid over baking.

  • Make sure that the cakes avoids touching the oven sides.

  • Prior to flipping the cake, wait for approximately 20 minutes.

  • If there is very less time for frosting the cake, then powdered sugar can be sprinkled over it. It tastes good and also appears great.

The cake neatly baked is sure to leave a better impression among all the guests coming to the birthday party. Also avail flower home delivery in Jaipur from the reputed portals to enhance the moods of the celebration.

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