The art of cooking great Indian cuisine


Food is necessary for sustenance, but more importantly, it is necessary for the soul. Taste is one of our five primary senses and food is what really entices it. And with so many varieties of ingredients available today, our senses are simply waiting to be amazed and wowed again. Food to some people is their most loved thing in this world and with love for food come the appreciation for the fine art of cooking. Any good cook will tell you that the most important ingredient one can put is love or simply the dedication towards making it in the most beautiful and complete manner. And with the so many styles of cooking practiced throughout the world one can easily find a niche in one particular style of cooking and really make it his own.

One of the more flavoursome types of style is the Indian style of cooking; with an invariable mixture of spices and herbs, almost all Indian dishes have a unique and distinctive taste to them. It is easy to foray into Indian cooking with an abundance of ingredients readily available in the local market and stores. Most Indian cooking involves the use of wood fires which imparts a natural flavour and taste to the food. Indian cooking has a particular mixture of spice called “garam masala” which is a crushed composition of herbs such as cloves, chillies, cinnamon, peppercorn, cumin, and nutmeg, etc; this is a staple in every Indian recipe and is considered incomplete without it. Indian cooking isn’t just a style of cooking that originated from one particular area but comprises a mix of different cooking cultures like Mughlai cuisine, Hyderabadi cuisine, and Lucknowi cuisine etc. The cooking styles that Indian food in general encompasses is vast, this makes it very unique.

Experimentation plays a crucial part in any cooking experience, and it is no different with Indian cooking, once one is familiar with the basics and styles of cooking one can then try various fusions pertaining one’s desires. Indian cuisine is known for its potent attack on the taste buds with its tangy flavouring and a lingering spicy aftertaste, a mastery of this cuisine is a culinary skill necessary in ones cooking arsenal.

There are simple tricks to master Indian cooking, like seasoning raw ingredients well with salt and spices, using onions as per taste and arguably the most crucial one is the ever so slight separation of the simmering oil and the masala; that demarcates the point in which to add the rest of the ingredients and it also ensures the food will be filled with flavour.

In this day and age where technology plays a crucial part in our lives, things like social media outreach, blog posts acts as a platform from where one can pick up a lot of knowledge on cooking and can learn fantastic new recipes. There are many cooking apps available on mobile platforms and computers, where one can discover the fantastic and amazing world of Indian cuisine and learn a thing or two.

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