weight loss surgery

An overview of weight loss surgery


People who are prone to excess weight are turning over to weight loss surgery. You can confer the fact that it does work out to be a lucrative option when all other weight loss options like exercise or diet have failed to churn in the desired results. If any of these methods have gone on to fail it means that the person has failed to ensure that the person has failed to maintain a healthy weight. It could also point to the fact that the person has gone on to regain the lost weight as well. If you do not deal with the issues of excessive weight it could lead to obesity, heart disease along with a host of other problems as well. You can say that in the next few years obesity could go on to become one of the major issues of concern in terms of health along with diabetes. If an individual is prone to morbid obesity they are likely not to respond to any major type of weight loss methods.

When it works out to be a weight loss procedure it does point to the fact that a variety of procedures are performed on people who are obese. You reduce the size of the stomach with the help of a medical device that is implanted. In fact you can say that the portion of a stomach could be removed as well. This form of surgery is recommended for someone who is morbid obese. Ideally most people would have tried to lose the excess weight with diet or exercise, but the results would not have been so encouraging.

The doctors go on to observe the patients in a close manner to find out whether they are a candidate for weight loss surgery or not. Say for example, if a patient is not willing to commit to any form of pre surgery work, then the doctor would not perform a surgery in the first place. To be a candidate for a surgery, a patient has to be morbid obese. This means that a man must weigh 100 pounds extra and when it is the case of woman it has to be 80 pounds.

When you go on to undertake Bariatric surgery in India there are a lot of points you would need to keep in mind

• Age- In order to be considered as a candidate for a weight loss surgery you should be in the age group of 18 to 60 years

• Weight- if the weight of your body happens to be more than twice your normal weight then you are candidates for the same

• Medical conditions- it could be very well possible that the excessive weight gain could be due to hormonal factors or other medical issues as well.

• Commitment – there is a strong commitment on the part of the patients that they are going to comply with all the post surgical work. This would include exercise or changes in the life style habits at the same time.

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