The Alluring New York City And Favorite Destination Points of John Clemenza


Be it the city’s sky scrapers, or the leafy Central Park or the happening Times Square, New York has always drawn the attention of tourists from far and wide. Even those who are not very fond of the glitz and glamour but prefer solace and quite have fallen in love with the city on visiting it just once. John Clemenza is an individual from Hawaii, who is a complete surfing fanatic, he is even preparing himself for the pro league of the sport, and he too is interested in visiting this overtly energetic city of New York.

The city is richly packed with a lot of heritage, culture, food, fashion and of course not to forget the extremely active nightlife. There is something for everyone in the city – if you are inclined towards art you could spend your time admiring the marvelous works of art put up on display at the Guggenheim and the Met. An ethnic treat waits for you at Little Italy or Chinatown, and if you happen to love music then you can sway away to one of the low-key rooftop bars where you can sip and enjoy the jazz blues to your heart’s content.

The highly acclaimed Broadway is yet another attraction of New York City, where at times tourists spend their entire holiday buying tickets and enjoying one show after another. The musicals and the plays are constantly being put to satiate your literary and theatrical senses and this is something you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Historical Significance of New York- Know More About It From John Clemenza

The history enthusiasts do not go disappointed at New York City as well; they have the luxury of visiting the American Museum of Natural History along with the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The incredibility of the American Museum is endorsed by its viewers particularly owning to the interactive exhibits of land, sea and even the outer space! The latter museum is no less, and is a house full of the best possible works of art from all over the globe, they have collectibles from the Ancient Egypt, Greek and Roman art, Islamic art and a lot more than you may have seen anywhere else.

The architectural structures of building and monuments are no less attractive sights, the Empire State building in worth a mention here. A trip to the top of this massive structure is one of the best ways to either begin or end your trip in New York; though people queue up to purchase its tickets and there really is a rush, yet it is absolutely worth the wait.

In addition to the glaring man made structures, the natural beauty of this city does not lag behind. The astounding beaches in New York City and their appropriateness for surfing is perhaps why surf lovers like John Clemenza harbor the desire to make a visit to this place at least once. The Lido Beach, Lincoln Boulevard, Gilgo Beach and several others are a perfect place for both the beginners and the pros of surfing.

All in all New York is a city for all kinds of people and it has something for everyone to be entertained.

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