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Advantages of using electronic whiteboards in day to day business operations


Electronic boards, including mobile whiteboards have become progressively more popular over the last couple of years around the world. Many schools and business establishments are realising that such tools are truly effective in boosting their communication, collaboration and learning. Electronic whiteboards provide excellent advantages over the traditional ones, and are considerably more beneficial in meetings and presentations. This article brings you the major ways in which the boards are capable of boosting workflow in your office.

  1. They transform a presentation and meeting into a collaborative production. Rather than you spending half of an hour on any one-way presentation being scribbled across a basic whiteboard (or chalkboard at worst) or slid through a PowerPoint presentation, an electronic board enables the participants of any meeting to be truly engaged in the discussion. Files could be easily and quickly edited, shared, accessed and saved on such kinds of modern boards. You can highlight in real-time any alterations you need to make, and it even enables your colleagues to provide instant feedback.
  2. Communication is much enhanced. Apart from enabling you to share files with individuals present in your meeting, you could share the screen with attendees that are in remote locations too. Every individual in the meeting is concentrating on one and the same information. This helps in putting everyone on the same page. At the conclusion of the meeting or presentation, you can easily share, email, or even share some all details of what was actually discussed. This is the main reason why some foremost businesses use electronic whiteboards in Brisbane.
  3. You can annotate documents. Electronic boards allow you to make persistent and effective alterations to any document rather than merely scribble notes with a maker that’s probably of a varying colour. For example, you can annotate on videos, BIM 3D models, hyperlinked drawings, and so on, to further boost your document flow as well as communication. You certainly can’t do all of these things with a basic whiteboard.
  4. It enables fast mobile connectivity. With the correct hardware, you can actually connect an electronic board to all android smart phones and mobile devices with just a single application. These yields to, much greater range of data sharing and inter connectivity. The most ideal part of this is that you never need to scramble to take any notes from any fast-moving slides.
  5. You don’t need erasers and makers. Forget the mouse and fussy pointers. Due to technology touch, all the in your presentation will literally be at the tips of your fingers. You can use between one and five fingers to gesture and interact with the touch-screen electronic board. Furthermore, you will never need to deal with any annoying stains that a marker could put on your hands.

These are the major advantages you enjoy when you utilise electronic whiteboards for your day to day business operations. In fact, you get to even enjoy some extra when you use mobile whiteboards. In their own case, in addition to all that has been listed here, the enable mobility while using and easy collaborations from remote locations anywhere around the whole world. This means managers from your branches across the world can join meetings at headquarters.

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