About liposuction procedure


There are many who are found to not have the right type of figure to be appealing when in swimsuits. There may have accumulated excess fat in the body, which needs to be removed. Otherwise, the person may suffer from various types of ailments and also be ridiculed and sidelined by friends and strangers alike. Even exercises and diet of different types may not provide the desired results to achieve that slim looking body. But one such effective and efficient body contouring solution is considered to be liposuction. It is quite popular among obese people and also is termed to be a safe form of cosmetic procedure. It makes use of suction for eliminating the unwanted fat deposits in the body.

Where can it be performed?

According to the best liposuction surgery India experts, this form of surgery could be undertaken in various parts of the body like the neck, chin, breasts, arms, cheeks, knees, thighs, ankles, calves, hips, buttocks and the abdomen. It is possible to carry out total (more than 12 areas) or partial (single or multiple areas of the body) liposuction surgery. Also, it can be combined with numerous other cosmetic procedures like tummy tuck or breast augmentation.

Who is eligible to undergo the procedure?

The best candidates are termed to be those men and women who are physically healthy and possess average body weight. They should have localized fat deposits within the body’s specific parts. Patients having elastic, firm skin should get much better results. Liposuction patients need to be healthy people, not suffering from any life threatening medical conditions or diseases. Otherwise, it will only obstruct the patient’s recovery process. They are also expected to avoid smoking and have positive, realistic attitude and goals towards the procedure, to enjoy its benefits.

What is liposuction all about?

People generally assume that this procedure is just a solution to remove obesity. But the fact is, the procedure addresses the need to deal with additional fat present among people having normal weight. It has been stated to be  plastic surgery that is performed usually using sedation and local anesthesia. In case,  of extensive intervention, general anesthesia can be used, if fat, in large amount is to be removed. Fat extraction is possible by using a vacuum machine connected with a cannula and using suction effect. The procedure needs to be carried out only by well qualified, highly knowledgeable and adequately trained professionals. They should make use of the latest medical instruments and gadgets. Being an aesthetic procedure, it is presently achieved higher acceptance levels among all eligible patients.

Vaser liposuction: Body contouring and muscle definition

It is regarded to be a novel method introduced to help obese people to remove localized fat. Vaser lipo is rather regarded to be an ultrasound-assisted lipo procedure. The technique is quite similar to that of the traditional liposuction procedure. However, ultrasound waves are used for getting rid of adiposity and to reshape perfectly the body. It requires minimal invasion and comes with less post-operative complications.

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