7 Buying Tips For Office Chairs

Being in an office chair all day can lead to fatigue, muscle pains and headaches. This is why buying a high quality office chair is worth the investment. While you pay more upfront for the chair, in the end you get much more productivity and less work related health problems.

Here are 7 things to consider when buying your next place to sit:
Seat Height

The chair should be easily adjustable so you can keep your thighs level. Most chairs have a pneumatic cylinder than easily does this.

Seat Width and Depth
The seat should be wide enough to be comfortable, but not so wide that you have trouble resting your arms on both armrests at the same time. Also the depth of the seat should allow you to sit fully back against the chair and still allow 2 to 4 inches of knee space.

Seat Material
Many people choose mesh now for office furniture, but it can stretch over time. If you do buy it make sure there is a mechanism that allows you to adjust the tension of this mesh. Foam is also another material that is found in a lot of furniture. It tends to be cheaper in some cases and molds very easily to your backside.

Lumbar Support
Poor lumber support is one of the main reasons why people experience fatigue and back pain. A good chair should make it easy to maintain the natural curve of your lower back.

The backrest should go up far enough to support your whole back. Some furniture only support the lower back, leaving the shoulders unsupported.

The armrests should be fully adjustable allowing you to rest your arms on them and keep them level with the workspace.

Having a swivel makes getting in and out of the chair easier and it helps to make things easier to reach for.

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