6 Secrets to Writing Great SEO Friendly Content That Makes a Difference

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great tool for businesses or websites to extend the reach of their products and services to a great number of audience that would otherwise simply not see on interact with them. It not only works great for internet based business but also has the ability to provide cheap advertising for all other business as well. The main goal of SEO is to make products or services by a specific business reach out to the masses who are searching for relevant products in search engines.
The relevancy of SEO makes it one of the better advertising mediums as other outbound mediums tend to reach out to everyone, whereas SEO targets interested audiences only. This makes SEO a very accurate advertising medium as well. If you have even consulted a quality SEO company, they would’ve told you about the importance of content in SEO. Content is called “the backbone of SEO” for a reason. It must be written keeping in mind the exact requirements of search engines in order to make it rank higher in search results. Here are a good bunch of secrets that can help write effective SEO content:
1: Start with Keyword Research
The first priority of starting on content is to do you keyword research. Keywords in simple English are words or phrases that people search for in search engines when they are looking for specific products. Keywords should either be directly your products or services or they should relate to them in the most direct way possible. Additionally, longer phrases with products names in them called “long tail keywords” also work charmingly as they have the least competition and are also directly in line with what people search for when typing in search engines like Google.
Give as much attention to keywords as you can, this is the most influential phase of the whole SEO campaign and will affect greatly on how the future of your online business will be like.
2: Adjust Keywords Carefully
Gone are the days when keywords were just required to be stuffed as much as they could be, Google and other search engines have developed a lot of intelligent algorithms over the years that enable them to read the content efficiently breaking it down into exactly what it means. Keywords where stuffed too much can really hamper the ranking algorithms in a way that the site can even receive negative ranking because of that. Keywords should always be spread nicely across the content without close repetitions at all and should not be more than 1 to 1.5% in the content.
3: Give People Something They Care About
The most important thing about content is that it should always be as relevant as possible. People will always read what they like and want to read. It is important to present them with something attractive and interesting that they develop interest for and read with attention. After all the content on websites is meant to attract people into becoming actual customers.
If you are writing about a product or service, explain it in a way that it becomes interesting and has relevant information about it in the content. Make it more interesting by highlighting it with images or backlinks to other informative sites where there is even more relevant information about the keywords or the topic of the content.
4: Make It Long Enough to Mean Something
Content is something that explains about the products or services provided by businesses. Sure a 100 word unique content is better than 4000 words already used content, but that doesn’t mean that content should be as long as a brief summary at all. This is where you are explaining about your products or services and it should always be long enough to explain what you have to say.
The ideal length for a website content is never a set number, to find out how many word count you need for your website’s content, factors like the nature of the website or the products or services on it matter a lot. There are business and website natures that involve explaining a lot and should have as much content as required and can fit the page without making it as long as the Brooklyn bridge, but for websites that are required to have unique less explanatory content, anywhere in the upwards of a few hundred words content should be able to do a fine job as long as it is unique and explains the meaning accurately.
5: Keep Analyzing It
Writing and putting the content on the website is only the start, there is no such thing as fire-and-forget in SEO. The best practice is to regularly monitor the content using the Google Analytics. Good folks at SEMrush gathered data and explained that factors like bounce rate, time on site and pages per session by users are almost as significant (if not more significant) as keyword density. This should not be a surprise at all when analysis are done thoroughly.
Talking technically, when your website has high bounce rate, that means visitors are not staying on the website for long enough to become actual customers and this also means that the pages are not optimized for the appropriate keywords. Aggressing pop-ups, slow page loading times, too much in the face ads or images and other ugly design elements can all push people away from the website the moment they land on it. When you have a good SEO expert guiding you on how to make your website more visible by writing quality content, you should always consider analyzing the website and content for the times to come in order to stay on top in rankings.
6: Become Your Own PR Agency
Once the initial stage of wiring and posting the content is done successfully, the next stage is to do your own PR through efficient ways like link to your content wherever you can, start commenting on other similar blogs with back links to your content, consider submitting your content to Reddit and StumbleUpon. There is a strong connection between social media management and content writing, just as that ‘Publish’ button is presses, be sure to Facebook and Twitter the ghosts out of it. Doing this will make your content popular among concerned people and hopefully they will share it on their own pages and social media for it to circulate between the general public with the aim of making some of them actual customers as well.
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