6 Essential Accessories You Need for Your Indoor Fountain


Indoor fountains are amazing in their ability to add class, prestige, and style to an indoor space while at the same time giving it a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. It’s all thanks to how it uses water to become an eye-catching piece of kinetic artistry, which also helps it makes the relaxing sound of a gently-bubbling brook. Combine that with its ability to purify the air in the room it’s installed in, and you’ve got an indoor set piece that combines form and function like nothing else.
However, as with all decorative set pieces, an indoor water fountain needs maintenance in order to look good and function properly. This is where buying essential indoor fountain accessories come in – accessories that are not only key to keeping your water feature looking as impressive as it is, but also keep it functioning properly.

  1. A small fishbowl net. Depending on the size of your indoor water fountain and where it’s situated, there’s a good chance that some dirt or debris may fall into its water reservoir. Maybe a careless guest flicked a cigarette butt the wrong way, or perhaps a loose ornamental pebble or rock fragment was finally worn away by the cascading water. Whatever the reason, it can be difficult to fish out that piece of debris with just your hand – not to mention potentially unhygienic. A ladle or fish tank net should do the trick here.
  2. Clean cloth rags or chamois cloth. When cleaning your indoor water fountain, sometimes it’s tempting to just go at it with a dish sponge, or something equally abrasive, in order to firmly scrub dirt and algae buildup away. While this is certainly effective, it could also damage the surface of your water fountain, especially when it comes to those made with copper and stainless steel. Instead, use something gentler like a cloth rag or even chamois cloth, only resorting to soft-bristled toothbrushes for those really tough-to-clean areas. By doing so, you preserve the look of your fountain while still keeping it clean.
  3. White vinegar. White vinegar is as handy in the kitchen as it is with fountain care. Being one of the milder acids out there, white vinegar can be used along with a soft-bristled brush to help scrub away tough algae stains without harming the fountain itself. It’s also great in the treatment and removal of other stains and discolorations.
  4. Algae develop in all water fountains, whether they’re indoor or outdoor. In the case of the former, the green filth will develop in a much slower rate than in the latter. Despite this, however, we still recommend the use of algaecide to prevent algae from growing in your fountain. A single bottle will last you for quite a while, as you only need a few drops of it every so often.
  5. Pipe cleaner. These long, soft-bristled brushes serve an important purpose: cleaning the pipes that your indoor water fountain uses to pump water from its reservoir up to its fountainhead. Just be careful in using them, as vigorous usage could result in the pipes themselves getting damaged – especially in the case of rubber or latex piping. Bristles may also break off and create a blockage further into the pipe itself.
  6. A spare pump. Not necessarily an accessory per se, but as the water pump is the only ‘moving’ part of a fountain, it’s the only one that’ll most likely need replacing before anything else. As such, it’s a good practice to have a spare stored somewhere just in case the one in use burns out. Thankfully, there are a wide range of models available commercially which can fit any size of fountain as well as budget, so you won’t have to worry about this particular purchase breaking your wallet anytime soon.

There are many accessories out there that are available for your indoor water fountain, but these are the most important – not just for maintenance’s sake but also to keep it functioning properly for as long as it can.

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