5 Netball shooting skills


Your team is only going to win a match if your shooters can score goals, so make sure that your best shooters play in either the Goal Attack or Goal Shooter position. With only three seconds to get ready to shoot there’s no time to waste on thinking long and hard about the shot.

netball shooting skills

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Practice makes perfect
Doing enough shooting drills during practice sessions is the answer and watching a netball drill training video in between sessions will add to your skill set. Here are five netball shooting skills drills to get you started:
1. Get over to your local courts and practice shooting at the hoop from every angle you can think of. If you prefer to shoot from in front of the post if you can, move to the left and the right and even under the hoop to challenge yourself.
2. You may need to score the winning goal at the end of the match when you’re fatigued, so make sure that you practice your shooting skills when you’re tired. Add in some cardio work during your session such as running to the other end of the court and back in between taking a shot to help simulate game play.

netball shooting skills

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3. Place some cones around the goal circle and challenge yourself to score from every position. Then do it again and again until you rack up a new personal best for the number of goals you score without missing.
4. If you’re looking for inspiration netball drill training videos are available online at Sportplan. Watch this short animation to see how the best shooters do it and follow the instructions.
5. Team up with someone else from your club and practice shooting over his or her head to simulate having an opponent defence player in your face. Swap roles regularly to help make this skills training session fun!

1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart so that you can deliver the power you need to score. Watch a netball drill training video to make sure you’re positioned correctly.
2. Keep looking at the hoop while you’re taking the shot so that your eyes guide your hands in the right direction.
3. Practice bending your knees at varying heights to find the right position for you and then repeat until this becomes a natural stance for you.

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