4 Tips to Prepare for Your Big Birding Trip in China


Are you a beginner who is planning his/her first birding trip? If yes, then I am sure you are very excited right now. Probably you are packing your bags, stacking up your gears and deciding the dates now. But do you know that for your first birding trip, you need to prepare yourself with as much resources and information as possible, before you set out for some amazing experience? Yes, not many people talk about these kinds of preparations for the birding trip but, it is essential too. And moreover, how much you will enjoy your first birding trip will also depend on these factors.
So, if you are wondering now, what you should do before you finally pack your bags and set out then, you are at the right place. Here, I am putting together a few useful tips about how to chalk out a plan before going for your birding trip, so that you can get the best experience of your life. Take a look.
Choosing Destination
This is surely the most important step to ensure you have a great experience. It calls for thorough research in the first place. You need to think and research about all the places in the world that are famous for rare and endemic species of birds. You also need to keep in mind various factors like the distance, the commutation to the destination, your budget and reservation, availability of birding tour organizers and duration. If you ask me, then, my personal favorite is China. When I went for Qinghai Birding Tour last year, it was not only convenient but also a perfect place to explore the natural habitat of 294 bird species.
Targeted Birds
Now, when you are done with choosing your destination, you should know which birds you can expect to see there. Make a list of the birds you wish to see in their natural habitat. Your research will help you in this. But keep this list flexible as later on, during your trip, you might add more names depending on the local resources. If you are going to Qinghai, you can expect to see Tibetan Snowcock, Tibetan Rosefinch, Przewalski’s Finch, Tibetan Sandgrouse, and Black-necked Crane etc.
Regional and Local Sources
After going through the first two important steps, now you need to narrow down your research. Start looking for regional and local sources. Search for local birders who will be able to inform you about the place, the weather, the best time to visit and what you can expect from the tour. In fact, if you are going for Sichuan Birding Tours, then this information will help you immensely as you will be able to explore and enjoy more confidently.
Take Advantage of Birding Zones
When you are planning your trip in China, you can easily take advantage of their bird zones to plan your route for the trip. China is divided into 7 bird zones and 16 sub regions. Understanding these zones will help you to know which species of birds will be more visible in which season. So, it will be easier for you to plan the whole route.
So, now as you know about the four tips on preparation for your first birding trip, what are you waiting for? Implement these ideas, start gathering gears, contact a reliable trip organizer and set out for a lifetime experience in China.

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