3 Spots of Bhopal That will acquaint you with Its Diversity


Bhopal that is the city of lakes is vibrating with diversity of enhancing spots for visitors and tourists. The city possesses a mixture of ancient atmosphere and contemporary taste. You can experience legacy, art and chic once you step in the domain of Bhopal. 
This city of Nawabs is worth visiting and you should not miss it out. For your stay, you can check out Hotels in Bhopal with ratesand book your rooms. So, whats keeping you aloof from the diversity of this city? Come on, for now, have a look at three spots of Bhopal that will acquaint you with Its Diversity. 
1.       Gohar Mahal: A Treat for Eyes 
Gohar Mahal is a very prestigious palace of historical significance mapped on the VIP road of Bhopal. The Mahal is situated on bank of well-known Upper Lake. It is a delightful example of a perfect merger of fascinating Mughal and outstanding Hindu architecture. The Mahal hosts numerous types of art and promotional exhibition, cultural programs and hypnotic fairs. 
Gohar Mahal is a popular tourist spot for people from around the globe. It was formed in a massive manner by Qudisiya Begum in year 1820. She is the first lady ruler of this city. The exhibition related to original handicraft, pottery, tribal items and clothes that are common in the area are very current among both the local people and tourists. 
2.       Sanchi: a Land of Buddhism 
Sanchi that is also called Kakanava, Kakanaya, Kakanadabota and Bota-Sriparvata in earlier times has an example of Buddhist art and architecture since the Mauryan time. Sanchi is very popular in the entire world for stupas, monasteries, monumental Ashoka Pillar, sculptural wealth and temples. It was the Emperor Asoka who laid foundations of a spiritual heart at this place. He formed the Great Stupa here. Later on, numerous stupas around country were created for encouraging Buddhism. The Stupa of Sanchi caters a beautiful splendour and its spectacular carvings of doorway reflect in detail the significant scenes and wonders from life of Lord Buddha. 
3.       Upper Lake: The Pride of Bhopal 
Upper Lake is one of the foremost and most celebrated spots in Bhopal. The label of being the oldest lake in India is under its belt. The charm and beauty of the site of Upper Lake is phenomenal. The entire lake is delimited with scenic loveliness of royal hills and lush f
orests. An individual can easily enjoy a relaxing time at this place. The visitors can also carry out different activities such as boating, canoeing and kayaking. The place has indeed become a picnic spot for groups of friends and families. The whole ambience of this lake is very cheerful and leaves the viewers with freshness and rejuvenation. 
It won’t be wrong to state that Bhopal is a cherished tourist city and people love exploring its diverse spots. Perhaps, that is the reason that the Bhopal hotels rates are very nominal, and anyone can afford luxurious room in them for their stay. So, when are you dropping in this city of lakes for your delight?

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