10 Things You Should Expect From an Underwood Doctor


You waited for hours because your doctor is late. By the time he gets into the office, he speaks a jargon-filled speech, orders you to run through tests, writes his prescription and leads you away. Just then, you realized that you were not even given the chance to speak and ask questions.

You will never experience this with an Underwood doctor. It’s unacceptable and considered one of the many worst-case scenarios of patients. Bear in mind that patient’s experience matters most, more than anything else.

You have the right to participate in your care rather than just being a mere patient. Here are some of the things that you should expect.

10 Things You Should Expect From an Underwood Doctor.


Your doctor needs to be more understanding of issues like losing weight, quitting smoking or changing one’s lifestyle. He should know where you are in the whole process. He should understand that willingness to do things really matters.


Remember the waiting time mentioned above? It should never happen unless there are emergency situations. Doctors, as well as the staff, must run things accordingly and should value your time. Moreover, in case you want to have a second opinion, your doctor should not object. If he does, then it’s never a good sign.

Makes you part of the decision-making

Though an Underwood doctor knows about the concerns you are facing, they should still recognize that it is only you who knows more about your body and life. That is why you need to be part of every decision-making. If the doctor lets you take a test that you think will make you uneasy, talk to him until you get a better understanding of the implications.

Actively Listens

It won’t be beneficial if you rush things out, especially when it comes to your health status. Your doctor should take time to listen to you and won’t interrupt you along the way. However, you must be prepared once your doctor starts to challenge your assumptions. Remember that active listening also means active responding.

Looks at the larger picture

You will know that you’re in good hands once the doctor starts to dig deeper on the happenings beyond your health. By the time they raise questions about your personal life, they are not merely making small talks. They are actually digging deeper into things like depression, stress factor and domestic problems that might be the cause of your illness.

Mindful of your financial status

This thing is very important especially if you are paying out of your pocket. Underwood doctors are willing to consider your financial situation as well as insurance coverage in mind so you won’t have to pay bills that you cannot afford.

Allows you to bring someone for emotional support

Emotional support from your spouse or loved ones is very important when you visit a doctor. They can also raise additional questions and take note of the things that need to be remembered.

Now that you’ve known what to expect from an Underwood doctor, you can now confidently go, take an appointment and get things right.

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